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Tommy Cox, Licensed Examiner #07 

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Nashville, TN 37203| Phone: 615.366.1757

Polygraph Examinations

When the truth is not immediately evident, I'm there to verify the truth.

Tommy Cox, Retired Metro Police Captain with over 38 years of Law Enforcement experience and over 30 years as a Police Polygraph Examiner. He has administered several thousand examinations for local and surrounding law enforcement agencies, Nashville District Attorney, The Public Defenders Office, Attorneys, and Individuals.

All cases are treated with confidentiality and professionalism.

Call  24/7  (615) 366-1757 to
schedule a consultation.

A Proud Member of the American Polygraph Association
The Tennessee Polygragh Association

Accurate and Precise Polyghraph * 3200 West End Ave Ste. 500* Nashville * TN * 37203 Phone: (615) 366-1757

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